South Carolina Senior Women's Golf Association


 September 17 at Founders Club

The Founders Club Tournament originally scheduled for September 17th has been moved to November 5th.  The tee time will be at 9:30.  There will not be a shotgun start but we have been assured we will be put off both nines with no more than a half hour delay in everyone teeing off.  
As always, lunch will be served after the round.  It will be available to all immediately upon completion of round.

For those of you who signed up for September 17th:
1.  If you want to play on November 5th, I will retain your check.
2. If you cannot play on November 5th, I will return your monies ($56.00) to you as soon as I receive your declination.
The course is in great shape and November is great time of the year here at the Beach.
I hope everyone is safe from Hurricane Florence.
Hope to see you all in November, 
Carol Bulone
Please contact Carol to let her know whether or not you will be able to participate.
 (803) 235-2609

If you did not send in an entry for the original date, you can send in an entry for this new date by using the original entry form and send to Carol Bulone.

Entry Form for Founders Club


Founders Club

7829 Ocean Highway * Pawleys Island, SC 29585 * (843) 237-2299

Slope: 118                                                                                           Rate: 68.5

Entries Open  August 20            Entries Close   September 3

Carol Bulone, Tournament Chairman

62 Bonneau Court * Sumter, SC 29585 * (803) 235-2609








Player Roster

Nancy Dodge   *    
Elaine Johnson            
Deckie Jones       
Dianne Belair       
Cecelia Purvis   
Cynthia Andereck       
Barbara Cleghorn   
Cheryl Windham   
Ellen Miller   
Sandra Boyter    *
Diane Wofford   
Majorie Rogers   
Frankie Garber   
Bernice Slezak   
Cynthia Remington  
Connie Liley   
Denise Brackett   
Heather Cairns   
Jean Burns   
Carole Davis    *
Amy Hurst    
Pat Calder    *
Maria Renkey   
Toni Buerkert    *
Jane Webb   *
Chris Shodoan    *
Betsy Stewart   
Anne Kirlis    *
Judy Brock    *
Linda Miller    *
Miriam Fisher    *
Elizabeth Griffin   *
Linda Nix   
Mary DiPrima   
Ann Baxton   
Peggy Cunningham   *
Teresa Sprouse   
Janet Ransom    *
Wilma Shaw    *
Genon Krivohlavek   *
Pam Meek   
Sandra Murden   
Darlene Sequin   
Christine Haff   
Carol Bulone   
Mary Jane Duryee  

*  Super Senior