South Carolina Senior Women's Golf Association




October 2, 2018 

Present:           Mary Secoy, Jan Bowers, Jane Webb, Linda Nix, Linda Miller,

                        Dianne Wofford, Carole Stone, Rose Matera and Sheila Antonucci

Absent:            Cecilia Purvis

Linda Miller opened the meeting and introduced the current board members.  Dianne Wofford gave the invocation.  Linda also stated that this was our 54th Senior Championship.

The Founders Senior One Day tournament will be held on November 5 in Pawleys Island.

Linda Miller introduced past presidents in attendance - Sandra Boyter and Jan Bowers.  Linda also introduced past champions in attendance - Jeanie Atkinson, Sandra Boyter, Karen Ferree, Louise Givins and Karen Wolfe.

Medallions were presented to outgoing board members - Mary Secoy, Dianne Wofford, Jan Bowers and Lynn Holmes.

Karin Wolfe was presented the low medalist award for the first day of the championship and the top 11 low scores were presented medallions.

Linda Miller presented the 2018 Mary Lou Crowder Award to Karin Wolfe.

Chris Shadoan made a motion that the 2017 annual meeting minutes be dispensed of reading; seconded by Becky Peterson.  Motion carried.

Jane Webb, Treasurer presented the treasurer's report.  We have a current balance of $9,770.87.  Cheryl Kelly made a motion that the treasurer's report be approved; seconded by Arleen Whitley.  Motion carried.


Membership:   Rose Matera

We have a total of 317 members, down from 341 in 2017.  Of these members, 34 are new members in 2018.  We have 147 super seniors and 12 legends.  There are 81 clubs represented.  We have one member pending application for 2019.

Rose reported people are having trouble getting on website.  Rose is also having some issues as well with sending blast emails and she has been working with the website administrator trying to get these issues resolved.  Since it is end of our tournament season, Rose will continue to work with administrator and try to get resolved.

Nominating Committee:         Jan Bowers

The following were presented from the Nominating Committee:

President Elect - Deckie Jones

Secretary - Bonnie Lou Roberts

Members at Large - Bonnie Williamson and Arleen Whitley

Being no further nominations from the floor, Sandra Boyter made a motion to accept nominations as presented; seconded by Becky Peterson.  Motion carried.

Tournament Schedule for 2019:         Linda Nix

April - Saluda Valley (4-Ball)

May - Columbia Country Club

June - Oak Hill

August - Woodfin Ridge

September - DeBordieu (4-Ball)

October - Spring Valley (Championship)

Linda Miller presented the President?s jacket to Linda Nix.

As there was no further discussion, Teresa Sprouse made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Arleen Whitley.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Wofford,