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One Day Events

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2020 One-Day Events

IMPORTANT: Entry forms for the one-day Events in 2020 are included in your 2020 Hanbbook and are found on the individual event pages of this website.  Please remove these forms from the handbook or download and print from this site, fill out and mail the entire form in accordance with instructions given below.  (When using a downloaded form, please fill out your information before printing.)


ENTRY & CART FEE: Checks should be made payable to the Tournament Chairman of the Host Club.  Fees vary according to each club.  One dollar gratuity/tip included in entry fee for bag boys. Check entry form for the correct amount. 


 STARTING TIME:        9:30 a.m. Shotgun.  Registration at 8:30.  Depart for the tee promptly at 9:15.

CANCELLATION:         Please notify the Tournament Chairman or the Pro Shop at the Host Club listed below.


2019 One Day Events


Green Valley Country Club - Cancelled

225 Green Valley Road * Greenville, SC 29617 * (864) 246-2141

Slope: 114                                                                              Rate:  66.3

Entries Open  March 19               Entries Close  April 2 

Gayle Vasile, Tournament Chairman 

403 Hunters Circle * Greenville, SC 29617 * (941) 544-8514

Green Valley Entry Form

MONDAY, May 4 - Cancelled


225 Timberlake Drive * Chapin, SC 29036 * (803) 345-9909

Slope: 116                                                                                                              Rate: 69.8

Entries Open  April 6             Entries Close  April 20

***FOUR BALL*** 

 Kathy Cuppia, Tournament Chairman

384 Night Harbor Drive * Chapin, SC 29036 * (843) 816-6580

Timberlake Entry Form

THURSDAY, JUNE 4 - Cancelled

River Hills Country Club

1 Country Club Drive * Clover, SC 29710 * (803) 831-2126

                                      Slope: 122                                                                                                                    Rate: 72.5  

Entries Open  May 7            Entries Close  May 21

Cindy Altieri, Tournament Chairman

10 Catawba Ridge Road * Lake Wylie, SC 29710 * (704) 351-9644 

River Hills Entry Form


Wescott Golf Plantation

5000 Wescott Drive * Summerville, SC 29485 * (843) 871-2135

Slope: 116                                                                                                                     Rate: 68.9

Entries Open   July 20                  Entries Close   August 3


Brenda Griffin, Tournament Chairman

108 Nottingham Court * Summerville, SC 29485 * (843) 822-1251

Wescott Entry Form


Berkeley Country Club

772 Exeter Plantation Road * Moncks Corner, SC 29461 * (843) 761-4653

Slope: 113                                                                                                                  Rate: 68.1 

Entries Open  September 14            Entries Close   September 28

***FOUR BALL*** 

Angie Ebey, Tournament Chairman

3200 Mayflower Lane * Sumter, SC 29150 * (708) 945-4062

Berkeley Entry Form


S.C. Senior Women's Golf Association

Regulations Governing One-Day Stroke Play Events

These regulations may be waived, amended or modified at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Revised 2015.

1.  ENTRIES - All entries must be filled out in their entirety and must be accompanied by an entry fee check and the applicant's current handicap index.  The player's handicap index will be converted to a handicap for the Host Club.  Index converting to higher than 36 must play with a maximum handicap of 36.  Only one entry per envelope.  All players must have posted at least one (1) score within one (1) month prior to a tournament so that the handicap index is current.  All handicaps should be verified before tournament play.  Be sure the application is in the same name as listed at your home course.  Be sure your GHIN# is correct.  No post entries will be accepted unless the Host Club can accommodate the entry.

2.  FEES - The entry fee may be refunded if the Chairperson is notified before the entry closing date.  Entry fee cannot be transferred to another player.  Each club may charge its regularly established cart fee.  If the entry fee total does not cover the Host Club's expenses for lunch , prizes , and bag handling ., the SCSWGA will cover extra expenses up to $4.00 per participant.

3.  FILLING THE FIELD- Entries will be accepted by earliest postmark. Ties will be decided by blind draw. Current Board members, Past Presidents and Honorary members receive automatic entry, if they apply by the closing date on the application 

It is the responsibility of the Host Club to return entry fees from applicants who are not accepted (SCSWGA will reimburse the club for postage).

4.  SCORING - In order to expedite scoring, please follow  this recommended procedure: 

a. Post 9 and 18-hole scores only!  One scorer is to write net totals in large figures in red on back of scorecard, arranging scorecards in ascending order with the lowest on top.  SELECT LOW GROSS WINNERS FIRST.  In this way, winners will be immediately obvious.  Check addition on winner's scorecards only

b. Low Gross Ties: determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the last 9 holes.  If the players tied have the same score for the last 9 holes, determine the winner on the basis of the last 6 holes, then the last 3 holes, and finally the 18th hole.  If this procedure does not beak the tie, the winner should be determined by a match of cards beginning with the number one Handicap hole. 

c. Low Net Ties:  use the procedure described above for low gross but deduct handicaps from the gross scores accordingly: one-half (last 9 holes), one-third (last 6 holes), one-sixth (last 3 holes), one-eighteenth (18th hole).  Handicap stroke fractions of one-half stroke or more should count as a whole stroke and any lesser fractions should be disregarded.  If a match of cards is necessary, the handicap stroke differential will be used and strokes will be assigned as they fall on the card. 

d. Super Senior Prize:  There will be a prize for Super Seniors (those 70 or who will become 70 during the calendar year) with one low net prize.   Should a Super Senior win a gross prize, the next low net score among Super Seniors will be declared the low net winner.  Must have a minimum of 3 players.  

In addition, there will be a prize given to the Legend (80 or will become 80 during the calendar year) with the low net score among the Legends playing. 

5.  PRIZES - Golf Shop merchandise or gift certificates are recommended for prizes.

6. REPORTING - The winners score sheet is to be completed and submitted to the SCSWGA Secretary,  to the Membership Chairman, to the  Website Administrator and to the designated Member-at-Large immediately following the tournament.

In addition, an alphabetical list of  Members attending should be sent to the Membership Chairman, Attendance Chairman, Website Administrator, and designated Member-at-Large. 

7.  ASSISTANT TOURNAMENT CHAIRMAN - An Assistant Tournament Chairman should be appointed and be able to fill in for the Tournament Chairman if necessary. 


a. All players shall compete from the same tees.  Use of Summer or Winter rules is up to the discretion of the Host Club.  The course should be set up to play as easily as possible. 

b. The Host Club shall organize a tournament committee which will be responsible for calling off the tournament because of unplayable course or unsafe conditions (lightening, etc.).  This committee shall also be prepared to settle questions pertaining to rules. 

c. Any Board Member in attendance may be called on to assist with scoring, rules, or advice as needed by the Host Club.

d. There will be a 9:30 AM shotgun start unless otherwise designated by the Host Club.

e. It would be helpful to have several pairing lists posted.

f. Between the play of two holes, a player shall not play any practice stroke on or near the putting green of the last hole played.  PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE: Stroke play ? two strokes at the next hole .

g. GPS (range finders) are allowed.